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Are service like Wix killing off web designers?

Wix and wordpress is one of the great platform to build your own stunning website for a small business,blog or some kind of niche marketing websites.They provide more than 500 templates, you can choose one of them as per your requirement and you don't have to pay a single penny for that.


BUT if you talk about killing web designers,there is a big NO.If you want to put some special features or you need some complex coding for running an application on your website in that case it's a better option to hire a web designer.


Just think about a personal website which logins into your bank accounts and other personal accounts and sense the facial identity.This type of functions are hard enough to build without a good understanding of code and tools.In that case you will need a designer to design the code for you.


Wix and other web building platforms are doing a great job by provide a beautiful and stunning website with the help of preexisting tools and templates but when you need something your own, you need to design it and if you don't know coding for design than you need a designer.

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