Adding a New Slide/Scene

To add a slide (aka scene) within a Doodly video, please open an existing or new project.

Next, click on the gray plus sign at the end of the video timeline to add a single slide.

You may add as many new slides as you would like into each project and rearrange slides accordingly.

Please Note While we do not have a limit on the number of slides within a single project, the larger and more complex your video is, the longer the Save and Export times may be.

Rearranging Scenes

To rearrange slides (aka scenes) within a Doodly video, open an existing or new project.

Next, click on the slide you would like to move within video timeline, and drag to the desired position.

The open "slot" will turn green, so you can see exactly where the slide will be placed while you drag & drop:

Be sure to hit "Save" before exiting to confirm all edits within your project

Adding Time to the End of a Scene

To extend the slide length and add additional time to a scene after your final Doodly component is set into place before a new slide is shown, please click on the "Scene Settings" button:

Next, you are able to adjust the scene settings and add in extra time accordingly.

Once that is complete, click "Apply"  to add the extra time. It will then be included within that specific slide, and all components drawn on that slide will be visible for the designated length of time.

Please Note: Scene Settings are applied to each separate slide individually. If you'd like to extend slide length for each different scene within a project, please repeat this process for all slides to do so.

Previewing a Scene

To preview a single scene within the video, right-click the specific slide within the video timeline and select "Preview Scene"

You also have the option to initiate a side-by-side preview mode by clicking Show Preview on the top left of the canvas.